New Beginings

Friday, September 10, 2010

Daarc has done it again!

She has had an ongoing project with making shapes to go with the look of her skins, catering to the more curvy and shorter in stature elven women. The Chubby Elf is now open, with it's first 2 shape sets ready for purchase.

Each set comes with a variety of Shapes in that series, all with wonderfully fun names for the shape types. The nicest feature has to be the added feature. You get to ask with each purchase for some tweaks to the shape if you wish, it comes inclusive with the package. Daarc does said tweaks within 2 days of receiving your notecard, which is included for you to fill out in each set.

Here are the first 2 Shape sets currently in the store:

Now it wouldn't be a store opening without a gift or 2. Imogen is a little taste for you of all the wonderfully curvy shapes to come in the near future. Daarc even set out a Free Skin hat compliments the shape perfectly. Both are shown below.

Here is a more in depth look to the shape and skin:

On a side note, go to Elfpyre, there is a crazy pack of skin in the lucky chair! You get all 6 tones if your letter comes up.

I'm also wearing in today's post these lovelies. Daarc's newest Earset. Want to know the nicest thing about these? They are singly attached to each of your ears, rather then one attachment for both ears. Makes fitting so much easier.

Helena's Adventure as a lil chubby Elf:

You looking at me?

Yes, I just stand here, waiting for people to pass by.

I *KNOW* I'm cute, you don't have to tell me every 2 seconds!

Watching the sunset with my lil feathered friend.

Style Notes:

Shape from The Chubby Elf
Skin from Elfpyre at The Chubby Elf
Hair from The Stringer Mausoleum
Eyes from Ibanez
Ears from Elfpyre
Outfit from Plasik
Shoes from Pixel Mode

Till next time