An update of large proportions..yet somehow lacking.

Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Well, in case anyone was wondering (which I highly doubt) I haven't fallen off the face of the world just yet, yes I am still waiting for that special day when the mothership comes to take me home. Laugh if must, but I'm not joking *serious face here!*

A lot has been going on, sadly most of what has been going on has been unfortunate events of craptacularity, yes, Tess add that one to our new word list.  I'll explain a bit later, perhaps, but for now I want to get to the good things...

I have been working on some new skins, big surprise there, right? I know, I can't help it I generally spend my days off of work trying to make new looks for myself, which turns into store ideas.  As of late I have been really digging the middle eastern look, I always have but over time I have realized SL doesn't really cover this well!!! Yes, exclamation points because this annoyed the hell out of me.
I absolutely LOVE silks/bellydancing silks and anything Persian, do I know a lot about the culture?, the very little I know from an old guildie of mine from WoW who was persian, he sparked my interest and ever since I have been in love with the looks of the people and the tapestry.
Soo...I have been working on some middle eastern  skins, my interpretation anyways..

Take a peek

At the moment, this skin is without a name, but I am thinking "siva". I also made a special shape just for this skin, but I haven't decided if I will sell it or not...what do you think?

Also, ears in the picture may be a somewhat upcoming release (yay) much, much work to do on them yet also.

I am working on some other skins as well, the skins that old ElfPyre shoppers would be accustom too...yes, I decided that the "model look" is not my bag and I just can't do it, I have returned to my ideas and visuals once again, but this time with so much more experience.

These new skins I believe will be in a collection called "Visual Whaaa?", I am unsure of how many makeups/tones I will end up creating, per usual..we won't know till I get there, lol.

Looksie -
of this style right now I have created 3 makeups so far all in the Anemic tone, you all must know by now that I love pale skins and I'm sorry I haven't gotten to any darker ones, but if at any point someone really loves my makeups but wants a darker tone I wouldn't have a problem doing some customs. 

Well, as I mentioned earlier somethings going on in my life that is halting me getting these skins touched up and in the store, well I won't go too far into details about everything, but I will say that the most important thing is that someone very close to me has lost their house to a fire. Him, his girlfriend and their 5 kids have been put up in a hotel right now, but it was a complete loss and it's effecting everyone close to me quite harshly at the moment.
We do plan on putting together a fundraiser and I know how people are very cautious of scams and I understand that ALL too well, but if anyone is interested in donating to their cause please contact me in game (Daarc Dagger) and I will get you the information, I'm not going to ask for L donations because I believe that is how a lot of scammers go about it, we will have a bank account set up shortly to help them out and checks will be accepted that way.
With that being said, I want to thank you...close friends, acquaintances and strangers a like for being here for me during the past few months of ...well, just really bad times for me. I really, really appreciate it more then anyone could imagine, you know why.

Well, almost time for me to get to that real "life" job, yee haw...-_-

keep your ears to the ground...and your eyes on the prize? what?
<3 Daarc