Pernicious update

Monday, October 5, 2009

Recently I held a contest "Nameless insanity" and , well let me just say it was an adventure.
I had several people attempt to "piss in my cheerios" a long the way, but with some encouragement from strangers and friends a like, I continued and here we are.

After having chosen the first winner of the contest, said person was a twat and for anyone who thinks I was in the wrong for being myself, you're a twat too.
So, moving on I chose a second winner, who was just amazingly AMAZING, Shinra Pain < That girl was fun as hell to work with and didn't complain when I had her bend over backwards (quite literally). I also manipulated her photos a bit, because I am a complete freak and feel the need to tweak EVERYTHING, I think most people would be annoyed, but she seemed okay with it, I hope she wasn't faking 0.0    *slips truth syrum in Shinra's coffee*               
Looking back, I realize this was an insane amount of work for me, sure I have released skin sets before but  this one really knocked the wind out of me and I am NOT even a smidge done.
What do I have done you ask? *sigh* months of work and here we are.....take a look, as of right NOW I am done with my "Friends" set in two tones, Anemic and Rozen. Also, each makeup comes with a freckle version and non freckle version.
Friends set? what? you have friends?  Kinda, sorta..lets not get into that one, but hey I figured this whole skin idea was about names, so  I decided to not only have someone else name the line for me, but I also named each skin after one of my few and far friends here in Second Life.  special, aye?

Yeah, so I think my rambling is just about done, but one more thing before I celebrate with another long break from photoshop. October 6th is my birthday and who really cares, right? I don't, but I figure I should do something special just because. All day October 6th  the new Pernicious skin line (as far as I have done) will be half off, yeah 24 hours of bitchin' cheap skin \o/  now, here is the kicker...whoever shows up at the exact time of my birth (SLT) will get a chubby pack in their choice of tone for free.  I'll give you a hint, it's not night time, but it is typically dark..
Lame hint? I know, hah...well heres the deal, shoot me an IM if you want more hints and I'll think of some.

Okay, officially DONE! now it's time to play