and away we go....

Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Alright, so here I am with my second attempt at blogging, or should I say second bathos attempt? For that who don't know what bathos means, well there is a bunch of history behind the word, but hey I'm going to be lazy and say bathos=anticlimactic. Perfect for me aye?

ANYWAYS, moving on. I have been busy at ElfPyre working on the new skin line, which I haven't chosen the winner for just yet. I have gotten a lot of wonderful submissions, so really I blame it on your guys for being so creative, yeah it has nothing to do with my laziness this time, I swear!

I want to give those who read this a little sneak peek on some of the makeups I am working on right now, so check them out.

This seems much brighter in game, I'm not sure this picture does it justice.

       This is my favorite so far, I LOVE purple.

This was one of the freebies given away on ElfPyre's "random present day" little event, if you missed out, what a bummer...BUT I *might* include those colors when I release the line.

So, there ya go, a little sneak peak into the the "Nameless" line and another peak at my attempts :<.
Keep your ears to the ground,  Daarc.